Growing Native Plants, Restoring Native Lost Foods

At Lost Foods we are growing and studying native plants for food, medicine and wildlife habitat. We believe restoring our diverse native plant species can recreate a beautiful, drought tolerant, nutritious, sustainable, local food system that fits into and supports the local ecology.  These plants also provide vital habitat to local wildlife like birds, bees, and butterflies.  Plants that build soil health, preserve and protect water sources, restore habitat, and produce nutritious foods in the process.


California is a world hot spot for native plant diversity with over 6000 species, more than all states combined.  Native plants and the wildlife that depend on them are endangered, California has the most endangered species of any state, due to habitat loss, caused mainly by deforestation, agriculture, and urban sprawl.  Native plants are the structure of habitat, so we can all help build habitat by planting natives on land we use.


Our native plants produce some of the most nutritious foods and effective medicines, and provide the best habitat for struggling wildlife like birds and butterflies. 


Grow Local, Grow Natives, Lost Foods!