7 reasons for growing native plants

1) Restore Biodiversity

California has the most endangered species of any state,. California is a world hot-spot for native plant diversity, with more species than all other states combined. Northwest California is one of the most bio-diverse regions. 

2) Provide Wildlife Habitat

due to habitat loss, caused mainly by deforestation, agriculture, and urban sprawl. Native plants are the structure of habitat so we can all help build habitat by planting natives on land we use.

3) Many Uses

Native plants can be very useful, native plants can be used for almost everything from food and medicine, attracting birds and butterflies,  producing fuel, wood, tools, crafts, fibers, glues, dyes, disinfectants, fragrances, fertilizers and more.

4) Traditional Medicines

By growing native foods/plants on land you use or have access to; you are more likely to use and become familiar with your native foods/plants, which can have many health benefits.

5) Drought Tolerance, Low water requirements

Native plants and native foods fit the local ecology, native foods are designed to grow here, they do not need fertilizers, pesticides, or much water once established and when planted in their natural locations. Native plants have evolved and survived on these lands for thousands of years.

6) Maintain Ecology

Native foods can reconnect humans to our local environment and teach us how to interact in a more sustainable way, with a future where humans and nature have a beneficial/symbiotic relationship.

7) Maintain Traditional Food Security

Native foods are highly nutritious super foods, they are unaltered from their natural state. All wild foods contain far more nutrients than their domesticated relatives, nutrients humans need in their diets for our health to be at an optimal level.