What we do

Lost Foods Sanctuary and Native Plant Nursery 

 #1 We sell native plants;  

Lost Foods Native Plant Nursery is located in Redwood Acres Fairgrounds in Eureka CA. 3750 Harris st. Enter gate #3 at Redwood Acres and go left after the first building, go straight and park at the end of the pavement.

Hours; Open year round 12 noon-5pm, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

#2 we promote habitat restoration and create native plant sanctuaries.

We preserve native plant species in educational gardens. Edible and medicinal food forests that support and benefit the local ecology.

The first sanctuary, is the Old Town Native Plant Garden, located on 2nd and H St. in Old Town Eureka around a city parking lot. Started in 2009, it now has over 100 species of native plants growing together.

The second sanctuary, is located at 1000 E St , Eureka, CA, at the Ryan House/Whimsy Garden Project. Started in 2011, it is a larger garden with a few more species than the Old Town garden.

The third sanctuary, is located adjacent to the Lost Foods Native Plant Nursery at Redwood Acres in Eureka CA. This sanctuary was started in August 2012 and will feature more species and more diverse habitats, such as mixed evergreen and deciduous forests, woodland edges, sunny meadows, and a pond area.

#3 Lost Foods educates and raises awareness.

California is a world hot-spot for natural bio-diversity and has the most endangered species of any state, which shows we are losing this unique bio-diversity. Lost Foods promotes the benefits of restoring and using native plants to help struggling native plant populations and the wildlife that depend on them and for use as  food, medicine, beauty and

 Birds and Bees and Butterflies.

4.) Lectures classes and education

Lost Foods educational booth at California Native Plant Societies, The Wildflower Show, and at the Seed Exchange 

Lost Foods has lectured gardening groups such as The Eureka Garden Club, The Master Gardeners class and the C.R. Gardening class about the importance and benefits of restoring native plant species.

#5 Lost Foods also donates native plants and installs native plant gardens at no charge, to people or business willing to share some space with native plants.

 living seed banks of native plant to be propagated from seeds and cuttings